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Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy Anniversary 27th

Assalamualaikum ♥

This is my parents, Noor Anisha bt Md Ariffin ♥ Wan Mohamad Nawi bin Wan Yusof. Happy Anniversary 27th. Thanks for everything.Thanks for your sacrifice. Words cant describe how much I love both of you and for sure, I love both of you than I love myself.

Thank You. Thank You for raising, six siblings.  May Allah bless  both of you with long life. Thanks again for give your shoulder for me to lend , your ears to hear all my problems and kiss me in my forehead when i am crying. I hope Allah will reward you in Akhirah. 

Million of thanks.

Sincerely, your daughter


  1. happy anniversary to your parents,,, may your family be happy forever :D


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